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Facebook Freebies

Pay attention on Facebook — you might win some free things! Some businesses routinely put up contests/giveaways, and if you’ve clicked “like” on their page, then you’ll see the contests on your news feed whenever they post one.

I have to give a shout out to Charlotte Street Computers in Asheville. First — they are absolutely TOPS when it comes to computer repair. They work on macs and pcs — superb. But, they are also fantastic in their community involvement and giveaways on Facebook. Here’s a direct link to Charlotte Street Computer’s Facebook page. Go there and click “like.” Just today, I won two tickets to the Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Antique Show this weekend! Thanks Charlotte Street.

The Hop Ice Cream Shop is another Asheville business you’ll want to follow. Here’s the link to its Facebook page. I just won a free pint of ice cream of my choice. Okay, I know. It won’t be my choice. It will be my kids’ choice. :) The Hop makes the BEST ice cream EVER!

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