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Wee Trade Children’s Consignment Sale

I just got back from dropping off my priced items for the spring Wee Trade sale at the WNC Ag Center. They will still be collecting merchandise tomorrow, but already the place looks packed. Lots of great bargains and I can’t wait until the sale starts. The pre-sale takes place Friday. The public sale begins at 8 a.m. Saturday and goes until 8 p.m. Then Sunday is *half price day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*Consignors have the choice of whether they want to discount their merchandise.

If you’ve never sold at Wee Trade, consider signing up for the fall sale in August. You set your own price and keep 70%!

The Author of Toss, Keep, Sell! Shares Some Secrets

I’ve been in a major clutter busting mode and I’ve been looking for more ways to turn my clutter into cash. One example is Asheville’s Wee Trade event where I cleaned out my kids closets and sold their outgrown clothes, shoes and toys. I’m also setting aside boxes of priced items for a spring yard sale, so I’m really excited about a new book written by my friend, Leah Ingram.

Leah Ingram Ingram is a frugal living expert, founder of the blog Suddenly Frugal and author of more than a dozen books, including her latest Toss, Keep, Sell! The Suddenly Frugal Guide to Cleaning Out the Clutter and Cashing In (Adams Media, 2010).

I talked with Ingram earlier this week and she provided a peek into her new book which provides great tips for anyone looking for creative ways to turn clutter into dollars.

Q: Why did you write your newest book Toss, Keep, Sell! The Suddenly Frugal
Guide to Cleaning Out the Clutter and Cashing In?

A: I wanted this new book to serve a dual purpose: to help people get their homes organized, and discover ways that they could get cash for their clutter. This book grew out of my earlier book Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less, which grew out of my blog Suddenly Frugal. That book was written for recovering spendthrifts–people who use to spend, shop, and dine out freely, and then when the economy tanked, suddenly needed to live frugally. This was the plan my husband and I needed to follow in 2007 and how I ended up starting my blog Suddenly Frugal. I know from being one of those recovering spendthrifts that, thanks to my “shopper-tainment” days, when I went shopping when I was bored, I had more stuff than I needed so plenty of clutter to clear out.

Q: If you’ve already written a book on frugal living, why write another one?

A: The secret to living frugally is to continually reevaluate your spending and saving, and find ways that you can cut back on daily or regular expenses. But here’s what most people don’t realize: after a while, there’s nothing left to cut. And when there’s nothing left to cut, you’ve got to find ways to bring in more money. I’m lucky, in that I’m a self-employed writer and I can always take on additional assignments to bring in more income. But most people don’t have that luxury or don’t have the time to get a second job. Hopefully, Toss, Keep, Sell! will help them figure out ways to put more cash back in their wallets.

Q: Where did the idea of getting cash for your clutter come from?

A: I realized that most of the posts I’d done on my blog that talked about
getting cash for my clutter or cash for my trash were the best received.
Also, I’d done a survey on Suddenly Frugal that revealed this: 92% of my
blog readers had sold their clutter for cash and would do so again in the

Many of the people who took this survey have used more than one selling
method to sell various household items. When they sold stuff, they most
often held a yard sale (74%) or sold stuff on Craigslist (51%). Of those
items they were selling and making money from, furniture (43%) and clothing
(19%) sold the best. One reader added a comment to the survey that she’d
made nearly $3,000 from selling her old furniture.

Q: If your readers are already selling their trash for cash, what new
information will the book provide?

A: While I include some tried-and-true methods for selling your stuff and
making money from it, I also offer options readers may not have considered
but which definitely have the potential to bring in big money. For example,
did you know that you don’t have to live on an estate to have an estate
sale? One person I profile in the book held one in her suburban tract home
and took in $4,000 over two days.

Q: Besides cash for clutter, what other benefits will people get from
reading Toss, Keep, Sell!?

A: I want this book to help people clear out their excess stuff and love
living in their home again. I’ve been there, and I know how it feels to have
someone drop by unexpectedly, only to end up running around and closing off
the rooms in a disaster state before you answer the front door. Because
clutter usually isn’t limited to a single spot in the house, I’ve organized
this book so that the chapters go room to room. I’ve suggested tasks you can
do to slowly but surely to get your house, life and stuff in control over


If you have kids, then the WNC Ag Center is a MUST STOP this weekend. That’s when the WEE TRADE Spring Event happens. Mountains of baby gear, toys, clothing, furniture, books, games — you name it. If it’s for kids, you’ll find it there, and you’ll find it at a great bargain!! Prices are remarkable and you don’t have to worry about going home with something that doesn’t work or clothing that has holes or tears. The WEE TRADE team inspects each item to ensure that only the best is put out for sale.

Presale takes place Friday, February 18. The sale opens to the public at 8 a.m. Saturday, February 19 and runs until 8 p.m. Sunday, February 20 is half price* day from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

*Consignors have the choice of whether their items are discounted by half.

Wee Trade

Wee Trade Holiday Sale

Looking for great deals on Christmas toys, holiday clothing, books, games and bikes? The Wee Trade Holiday Sale takes place today through Saturday at the Boone Cabin at the WNC Agricultural Center across from the Asheville Airport. So MANY great deals!! I went to the pre-sale yesterday and snagged some great bargains. Shh! I can’t tell or my tweens might discover my secrets here on my blog.

Wee Trade owners Nina Miller and Rita London have created some fabulous sales in the past. This time, the space is a little cozier than the big building they use for the August and February sales, but it’s still overflowing with deals.

The Wee Trade Holiday Sale is open today and tomorrow, November 18 and 19, 2010, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Half price day is Saturday, November 20, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Wee Trade Children’s Consignment Sale

It’s time to start thinking about fall. Yeah, I know school isn’t even out yet and there’s summer to enjoy, but now is the time to register to consign your gently used kids’ clothes, toys and accessories at the Wee Trade Children’s Consignment Sale held at the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher, across from the Asheville Airport.

Sale dates: August 6 -8, 2010.

Deadline for registering and printing price tags is 2 p.m. on August 1.

This event is near and dear to my “on the cheap” heart. A great way to get some cash for your items (you keep 70% of the prices you set) as well as to get new gear for back to school.

Free Book!

Author Allison Winn Scotch is celebrating the release of her new book The One That I Want with a fun giveaway.

If you buy a copy of The One That I Want in the next 24 hours and email Allison with a copy of the receipt (scanned or forwarded) to, she will send you a copy of her previous book, Time Of My Life.

Take advantage.  Her books are must reads!

FREE books – Read It Forward Promotion

While supplies last, The Crown Publishing Group is offering readers a chance to get a free copy from a choice of three new titles: Something Missing by Matthew Dicks, The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha, and Where the River Ends by Charles Martin.

One book per email address. No purchase required.

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